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hello friends.

in case some of you haven’t noticed yet; this blog is on a hiatus. I truly adore RPing Tokiya and would love to stay more active on here, but to be honest; the roleplaying side of utapri isn’t exactly my cup of tea; mainly because I feel my purpose for coming here, as well as my writing style, is not 100% compatible with most of you here.

Now I’m not saying I will NEVER return to this blog, but for now things irl are a little too hectic as well for me to maintain more than one RP blog. Sooo no deleting or any of the sorts, just a heads-up that I will not be seen here until my hiatus ends— whenever that may be.

Should any of you like to contact me, I will still be on my OC which can be found here.

and for what it’s worth; I enjoy rping camus even more than Tokiya so know that IF I return early on either blog, it’s probably going to be this one~.

Friendly reminder; If you’re sitting there, wondering how to get my attention/roleplay with me? All you have to do is speak up. Point me to an open starter you’ve made. Come talk to me. Tag me in anything. Send me memes. I won’t intentionally ignore you, but please remember, I am NOT a mind reader

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Joker Trap (Uta no Prince-sama)
うたプリlog by テュフ


Joker Trap (Uta no Prince-sama)

うたプリlog by テュフ



Silence was golden, it was said, a thought impressed upon Masato from years past. He had come to enjoy what moments of silence he could find, for as much as he loved music and certain ambient sounds, there were moments when even someone in the entertainment industry needed a moment to relax and recharge in silence. That, or they just needed that silence to focus.

It took all of a minute for Masato to even notice the presence of the elder, his attention held too firmly by the book. With a quiet word of “oh,” he focused on Camus. “I apologize, I did not notice you immediately, Camus-senpai…” Was he even expected to talk? He shouldn’t have said anything, should he? But now returning his gaze to the book would be rude; he would take whatever response Camus gave and move with that.



      The blond was hardly bothered by the lack of proper greeting or the fact that the pianist hadn’t noticed him. He had only just decided it’d be better to first get himself a cup of coffee (with the obligatory 20-ish sugar cubes) and placed his book down, when the other spoke up.

               While there was a strict difference between his public, charming and private, distant self— he could still be perfectly kind to those who did not get on his nerves. A light smile was his response to Masato’s words, and a short silence before answering calmly;

              "No need to apologise. It seemed out of my place to disturb you when you were reading." The words he used might come off as overly polite, resplendent or slightly awkward even— but he cared not. "Please, do not mind me. A good book is best enjoyed in silence, after all." An earlier, stealthy glance of the earl had told him the title of the book. It seemed the bluenet wished to learn much of the world despite being in the music business. Something rather admirable, or at least interesting in his eyes.
    The genuine smile remained visible as he slowly got up, and much to his own surprise Camus hear himself ask; "I will return shortly with a cup of coffee. Would you like one yourself, Hijirikawa?"

Introducing the Mun

Name or nickname: ian
Tumblr URL: mirroroftheheart l sericus l personal is none of your business u v u
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: straight
Fandom: otoges, jojos, lotr and other things
Muse(s): Camus, Ichinose Tokiya, used to play Sanosuke Harada, I have 4 OC’s
OC friendly?: Yes, given that they have a decent background story and the likes.
Multi-fandom friendly?: Sure, although I’m a bit iffy with interacting with fandoms I’m not familiar with
Will you ship your muse with any sex?: Reluctant to ship, but sure.
Are you open to SFW rp?: ok but why is this even a question
Are you open to NSFW rp?: I refuse to smut on here, but mild violence is welcome.
Can people come up and start a conversation with you?: always.
Can they be your friend?: pffft, if I like them? Laughs.

Please don’t be scared to RP with me, I’m not quality and I’m lonely.